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IIAS-ISEAS Postdoctoral Fellowship

Applications are invited for International Institute for Asian Studies—Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (IIAS-ISEAS) Postdoctoral Fellowships for commencement after September 2011. These fellowships are part of collaboration between IIAS and the Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre at ISEAS, Singapore.

The positions are intended for outstanding recent doctoral graduates (within 6 years of receiving Ph.D. degree) from around the world, to work on an important piece of research in the social sciences or humanities. The proposed project should relate to the ways in which Asian polities and societies have interacted over time through religious, cultural, and economic exchanges and diasporic networks. The theme for the 2011-2012 year is intra-Asian interactions during the colonial period (16th – 20th centuries). Approaches that focus on interactions between disciplines, social practices, and regions are encouraged.


  1. The fellowship will be tenable for a maximum period of 12 months, with a maximum of 6 months attached to the IIAS office in Leiden and a maximum of 6 months at the ISEAS office in Singapore.
  2. Fieldwork can be done in Europe and Asia.
  3. An all-inclusive and fixed monthly allowance (S$ 6,000 in Singapore and € 2,000 in the Netherlands) will be provided.
  4. Support for research (office facilities, library access, networks, etc.) will be provided.
  5. Applicants must have fulfilled all requirements of the PhD. If you are a PhD candidate at the point of application, you may also apply provided that you are confirmed for graduation between April and September 2011. A letter from your university will be required to confirm your graduation before your proposed start date.
  6. The fellow is expected to complete a research paper on the proposed topic and give public lectures at Leiden and Singapore. In addition, the fellow may be required to help IIAS and ISEAS to organize a conference on the proposed topic. 

Proposals should clearly explain how research/fieldwork in Asia would benefit the overall project.


Interested applicants are invited to email/post their applications, consisting of:

i) Application form (please click here to download the application form)

ii)  Curriculum Vitae;

ii) Ensure that a minimum of two letters of reference are sent to us in confidence via email or post, commenting on the applicant’s academic abilities and the value of  the applicant’s research project by 15 May 2011.

Closing date for applications is 15 May 2011.

Note for applications via email:

  1. You will receive a reply acknowledging receipt of your email/application.
  2. If you have already sent in your application via email, kindly do not send the same application via post and vice versa.
  3. Please keep your email and attachments below 10MB by zipping any large files, as emails larger than 10MB will be rejected by our email system.

    Address for submission of applications, reference letters and/or queries:
    (1) Email: 

    (2) IIAS-ISEAS Fellowship Programme
          c/o Ms Sandra van der Horst
          International Institute for Asian Studies
          Rapenburg 59
          2311 GJ Leiden
          The Netherlands

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