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Post-Docto​ral Researcher Asian Studies, Leiden University

The Leiden Institute for Area Studies (LIAS)is committed to the
integration of disciplinary and regional-historical perspectives. LIAS has
as its aim the advancement of teaching and research of Area Studies at
Leiden University and in the wider academic community.LIAS comprises the
Schools of Asian Studies (SAS) and Middle Eastern Studies (SMES). Area
specializations in SAS include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, South-&
Southeast Asian, and Tibetan Studies. LIAS staff have disciplinary
expertise across the social sciences and humanities.

Starting September 2011 (or earlier if the candidate is available) the
Leiden Institute for Area Studies has available one full-time (38 hrs),
one-year postdoctoral position in the University’s profile area Asian
Traditions and Modernities (AMT) that is coordinated by Professors Frank
Pieke, Jan-Michiel Otto, Patricia Spyer, and Nira Wickramasinghe.

Description of profile area

AMT is one of the 11 profile areas of Leiden University that transcend the
boundaries between specialist fields. AMT is coordinated by the Faculty of
Humanities and the Leiden Institute for Area Studies, but is fully
interdisciplinary in focus. AMTs aim is to raise the visibility and
strength of Asian studies in the University, where Asia includes all of
East, Central, South and Southeast Asia. AMT builds on the long history of
Leiden University in research and teaching on Asian traditions, especially
in the fields of religious studies, anthropology, philology, law and
literature, to explore the debates, disagreements, disjunctures and
conflicts that prevail in Asia in the modern age. The global prominence of
East Asia and the rapidly developing economies of South and Southeast Asia
render Asia a key case for the study of the fashioning of modernities in
everyday life, state practices and the global arena. AMT focuses on five

Asia in the international systemlooks at global Asia, where the emergence
of India and China as regional hegemons is reconfiguring issues of
security and conflict

Power and limits of the Asian state-focuses on the transformation of and
challenges posed to the Asian state

Asian debates on history and modernity-explores Asias role in shaping the
meaning of rationalism, nationalism, secularism, equality, justice and

New and old diversities in Asia-looks at how Asias new modernities are
being forged from the meeting of peoples, cultures, life-styles and

Production and flow of modern Asian cultures-encompasses the movement of
practices, styles, objects, fashions, media and the like that have come to
exemplify the modern in particular places

Postdoctoral Fellowship

The postdoctoral fellow is expected to conduct research relevant to AMT
and is open in terms of topic, disciplinary orientation and supervision by
one or more members of senior academic staff at Leiden University who
specialize in the study of Asia. The postdoctoral fellow will, in addition
to his or her own research, be actively involved in the activities
undertaken by AMT, including the strengthening of AMT’s network of
researchers in Leiden, its international contacts, and the dissemination
of AMT research, for instance by organizing seminars or workshops or
through AMTs website.


Conducting original research on a topic relevant to AMT

Rewriting the Ph.D. thesis for publication as peer-reviewed journal
articles or a book

Presenting papers at (international) conferences

Designing and teaching one undergraduate or Masters course

Organizing and participating in AMT activities


A doctoral or equivalent degree in a relevant field in hand at the start
of employment

Research knowledge of one or more Asian languages necessary for the

Fluency in English (spoken and written)

Ability to work both independently and as part of a team

Conditions of employment

The position of postdoctoral fellow is temporary for one year of full-time
appointment, with the possibility upon exceptional performance of
extension for maximally one further year.

The salary is determined in accordance with the current scales as set out
in the collective labor agreement for the Dutch universities (CAO):

Postdoctoral fellow: min. EUR 3.195,- – max.EUR 4.374,-gross per month,
commensurate with qualifications, with additional holiday and end-of-year

Candidates from outside the Netherlands may be eligible for a substantial
tax break.


For further information about the position please contact Professor Frank
Pieke phone number +31-71-5272216, email A
full description of the profile area is available upon request.


Applications have to be submitted in English and have to include:

cover letter stating your motivation and suitability for this position
postdoctoral research proposal of maximally 2,500 words
curriculum vitae
copies of your academic transcripts (or Dutch cijferlijst),
a writing sample (such as a part of the Ph.D. thesis) of maximally 8,000
three letters of reference

Please send your application electronically indicating the vacancy number
before the deadline of 1 April 2011 to:

All application materials should be send in pdf format.

An interview may be part of the selection procedure.

Contact: Professor Frank Pieke phone number +31-71-5272216, email


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